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About Us

The Plumas County Special Districts Association (PCSDA)  is an organization that was formed so that every Special District in Plumas County would have the opportunity to interact with each other, share resources, experiences, concerns and information and inform the public of the role of special districts in Plumas County.

The PCSDA allows Districts a consolidated voice when the need arises to express positions to LAFCo, the Board of Supervisors and other entities that interact with special district functions.

The PCSDA works to participate in statewide, regional and local organizations that affects the interests of Special Districts.

The PCSDA assists special districts and their boards in operating efficently and equitably and helps to propose constructive means for the improvement and functioning of special districts in Plumas County.

The PCSDA Board consists of a  5-member board of directors.  The PCSDA meets quarterly normally on the 3rd Wednesday in the months of February, May, August, and November.  All upcoming meetings are posted on the PCSDA's website.  We invite you to attend any of our quarterly meetings.  At this time, they are being held at the PC Planning Department's interior conference room at 1 pm.

The 200-plus members of the PCSDA consist of some 50+ Plumas County Special Districts which were formed to oversee, operate and manage the county's public utility districts, water and sewer districts, school districts, recreation and parks districts, fire protection districts and fire departments, cemetery districts,  healthcare, and hospital districts.

One goal of the PCSDA is to establish local training classes to meet the State's legal requirements of Ethic's, Brown Act,  and Harassment training for special district directors, as well as, classes for the special district's board members, General Managers, and water and wastewater operators.

Our Annual Members meeting is held in August.  Every two years the PCSDA provides Ethics, Brown Act and Harassment training.  Lunch is  served.  

The PCSDA is also a member of the California Special Districts Association.  The CSDA  works directly with members of the PCSDA to educate them about pending Sacramento Congressional legislation that affects our Special Districts.  Our representative at the CSDA is Dane Wadle.

The PCSDA and the CSDA are supporters of innovative and customized Streamline website software specifically designed for special districts to meet California codes.  It is very efficient and very affordable.

Come join us at one of our future meetings!